Stoker Family Photos

A history in pictures

Notice the name of the livery stable....Horn and Goad.


“The man in the cocked hat in the buggy (on the right) is Grandpa Fred Goad. I can't identify Charley Horn, but Charley was Grandpa's brother-in-law married to Fred's sister, Ophelia. They had a farm south of Parsons, Kansas and we used to visit them there.

When I was young I thought Grandpa Goad was the smartest man I knew. Here is what he did for a living. He had a team of matched bays that pulled his buggy, but he also used them to mow lawns and plow gardens. He had a newspaper route and he sold milk and cream from their cows. He was a newspaper reporter for the Welch, OK newspaper and knew everyone in town. At church he was the janitor and he was also the Sunday School superintendent. Every time I hear the hymn ‘When the Roll is Called Up Yonder’ I can hear his voice in my head.”


—Loretta White

Earliest Photos from the Goad Family

Great Grandpa Isaac Gilbert Goad and Great Grandma Eliza Kansas Harlow and their children. The handsome guy standing in the middle is Fred David Goad, our grandfather.

Goad Family Picture taken early 1900s -- L to R standing: Norman, Peggy Rose, Ada, Fred David, Ida Jane, Edgar and Ophelia. Seated: Issac Gilbert, Opal Louise, Eliza Kansas (Harlow) Goad.