Stoker Family Photos

A history in pictures

Marvin, Randy, Ruby, Mike, Bill in front of Grandma and Grandpa’s house

 —Edna, Kansas, 1963

About these photos

I have a great fascination with old pictures. Our family, like most, has a history that has been preserved in photos from at least five generations. It is my hope that I can uncover the best old images, and digitize them for succeeding generations.

The initial group of photos was given to me several years ago by my grandmother’s sister, Velma Rhodes, whom we called Aunt Nink. A second batch was gathered from ones my dad left behind when he died in 2006. Many of the images are from my mother’s and grandmother’s Kodak Brownie cameras. I scanned these, and attempted to fix the dust and scratches, and improve the contrast where possible. The focus is not very good in most cases. The oldest photos, from the 1920s and even earlier, were taken with unknown cameras. As you can see, this is definitely a work in progress.

I have tried to give a few dates with the pictures. If they were marked on the back, I usually assume the date is correct. I have indicated “ca” when I am just guessing. In general, people are identified from left to right, and I have grouped them into the various generations by the oldest person in the picture. Quotation marks indicate the words were found written on the back of the picture.

My thanks to Loretta White for identifying some people in pictures of the Green family, our cousins on the Goad side, and for supplying some wonderful pictures of my mother and her siblings. Randy Stoker has supplied some great pictures of Generation Five, and Greg Stoker has not only sent some great pictures, but is writing a history of the Stoker family from his extensive research.

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