Stoker Family Photos

A history in pictures

Ruby Pauline Goad Stoker


“Ruby Pauline Goad about 7 months” Welch, Oklahoma (1926)


Ruby with Loretta Green left, and Dorothy Cooper, right. Loretta is older by 6 months

Ruby holding Bill, Edna Kansas (1946)

Ruby in school at Welch, Oklahoma, 7th from left 2nd row from front

Ruby holding Mike at Homer and Leta’s farm (1951)

Ruby with Loretta on the car fender is showing off Loretta’s Dad's (Ivan Green) new car. Grandpa Goad still drove a horse and buggy. During the late 40's Uncle Howard got Grandpa a new model T. He probably was able to acquire it because he was working at a Ford dealer in Junction City, Kansas.

Ruby in the middle with two of her girlfriends, standing on the east side of the Green’s house in Erie, Kansas.


Ruby & Agnes are standing on the west side of the Green’s house in Erie, Kansas

Parsons, Kansas in front of the Cooper's house