Stoker Family Photos

A history in pictures

Homer Asbury Stoker

“Homer’s team, Doe and Mac, holding Marvin” Hugoton, Kansas (1921)

Homer at far right

Homer at top right

Homer and Lady the dog at house in Edna

Homer (August 1963)

Homer with Marvin, Hugoton Kansas (1923)

Homer, Dean and Marvin, Hugoton Kansas

“Maize at Hugoton”

Homer, top left, with Marvin and Dean in front. The others are unknown. Hugoton, Kansas

This picture is the infamous day that Grandpa shot the snake in the cellar. Unfortunately, the snake had the last laugh—he wasn’t really dead. Bill remembers the snake startling Grandpa when it began to move. I recall that the snake disappeared from the rock pile where we left it. We wondered for a long time what the snake had swallowed to give him that huge bulge.

Homer, left, holding Marvin, and Alvin with Evelyn in Hugoton, Kansas (1921)