Stoker Family Photos

A history in pictures

World War Two

Marvin (bottom right) in North Africa with his B17 maintenance crew (1942-1943)

Marvin (3rd from left, middle row) in North Africa (1942-1943)

Marvin in Italy (1944-1945)

Marvin in Florida (1942)

Downed aircraft, unknown circumstances

Marvin in North Africa (c1943)

Unknown airman

Marvin leaned out the window of this troop train on its way across the U.S., destined for boarding a ship to Europe (1942)

Dean at the Reedy farm east of Edna

Native helper “Joe” with Dean on Mannus Island Munitions Depot (1944-46)


Dean at Farragut Naval Training Station in Idaho (1943)

Dean at boot camp (1943)

Dean home on leave (1943)

Leta with Dean, home on leave (1943)

North Africa (c1943)

Dean on Mannis Island.  The man on the far right was a G.I. from El Salvador who was fighting in the U.S. Navy.  The rest are local natives from the island.

Actress/comedienne Frances Langford (right), one of the USO performers who entertained the troops

Marvin at the shore of the Mediterranean, North Africa

Marvin with unknown tall guy